Modern Moxie, Miynt, Tallies, APRE, D’Arcy, White Lies and Leif Erikson

Miynt — Station Station

Ultraviolet Communications, Gypsum, Solis, Blake Morgan, Senior Citizen X Tim Walker, AnSoFi and The Thing With Feathers

Ultraviolet Communication — Moon Man

Tears For Fears, Lila Drew, Actrese, IMBER, Boy Harsher, Odina and Juniper Stone.

Juniper Stone — Moonchild

Mensa Deathsquad, DJ_Dave, Woves, Tired Cossack, Dutch Mustard, Veronica Everheart and The Famous Daxx

Veronica Everheart — Antiquity

Finn Forster, Mackenzie Shivers, Night Moves, Mountains Like Wax, Loyal Lobos, Tara Nome Doyle and Ghostly Kisses

Finn Forster — Stay Right Till The End

Oliver Bouchard

I write software, share music and photos on and enjoy life together with @elkenyc in Brooklyn, NY.

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