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Seven Fresh Songs #116

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Georgia Harmer — Talamanca

There is a lot of quiet joy in this song: blissful moments, gorgeous locations, close friends, and sunrises. Toronto-based singer/songwriter Georgia Harmer recounts these special memories in her new track “Talamanca,” the opener of her debut album “Stay In Touch” (April 22).

She explains the chain of associations behind the song:

“This song came out of me in a day in Costa Rica, and voice memos named it ‘Talamanca’ because that’s where we were staying. I loved the name partly because it was one of the few places I’d had time to think that year. I was on the road with Alessia Cara, nearing what I didn’t yet know would be the end of that chapter, and missing my ‘old life.’ I went back to a memory of being in Mexico with two of my close friends. Every morning we’d sit on the roof of the neighboring house as the sun rose and drink our coffee, eat our breakfast, and bask in the rising light. We were very connected at the time and had a telepathic quality to our communication. This song is essentially about the telepathy and mind-reading that goes on between close friends.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Talamanca,” here:

Papercuts — Palm Sunday

Papercuts, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Jason Quever, adds with “Palm Sunday” another delightful taste of his upcoming album Past Life Regression, due April 1st. “Palm Sunday” is a beautifully dreamy track, not unlike the previously released songs from Past Life Regression, most notably “The Lodger.” The wistfulness is palpable in “Palm Sunday” yet with a refreshing dose of hope and optimism, complete with cheerful church bells.

Jason Quever says about the song:

It’s about lost love and unfulfilled potential. It’s about someone you never quite forgot about, but left you feeling epically let down and full of longing.

Listen to “Palm Sunday,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the David Enos and Jason Quever directed video too:

Connect with Papercuts here.

Adia Victoria — Ain’t Killed Me Yet

Southern musician Adia Victoria gives us a ray of hope at a time when we need it. “Ain’t Killed Me Yet” — that for sure is true, so bring it on. The song stays true to its blue roots, but certainly does not look only to the past — after all it is the here and now Adia Victoria sings about. She explains:

There was little to celebrate in life the Spring of 2020 but living itself. With the live music industry shuttered to a close I was forced to find a new way to live. I took a job at Amazon to pay the bills and on the way to the warehouse for a red-eye 10 hour shift I considered my dilemma. Racing through empty streets at 2 am, trying to keep to steps ahead of a virus I couldn’t make sense of, life was lived in barest of immediacy — one breath to the next. That Spring I would end every journal entry with “Life ain’t killed me yet.”

“Ain’t Killed Me Yet” is the blues existentialism pared down to its bones. It is the irreverent celebration of those who meet life on their own terms. When the future is uncertain, the immediacy of the pleasures and vagrancies of the now is all that matters. I wrote “Ain’t Killed Me Yet” while behind the wheel on the way to work in a warehouse where death was a real possibility. The blues anchored me in the now so that I could not only survive but I could give the finger, and blow smoke in the face of my fear and anxiety.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Ain’t Killed Me Yet,” on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

Thomas Dollbaum — All is Well

Believing Thomas Dollbaum that things are okay when he sings “All is Well” comes not easy because the track pulls heavily on our heartstrings. It’s the good kind of pull, though. We are inclined to get close to Thomas -now that we’re allowed to ditch the six feet rule again- and ask: “No, how are you really doing?”

Thomas Dollbaum was born and grew up in Tampa, Florida, and moved to New Orleans to study at the University of New Orleans for his master’s in poetry. This was 2015, and since then, he’s been financing his studies with work as a carpenter and began writing the songs that he releases on his debut album Wellswood, out on May 20th, via Big Legal Mess Records. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist recorded the album in an old hotel suite turned into a recording studio by friend and fellow musician Matthew Seferian. They tracked the album in multiple sessions throughout the pandemic. Asked about “All is Well,” Thomas has the perfect one-liner for us, saying:

A good R&B tune to break up to.

Yeah, that’s one way to look at it but it could also serve as a little pick-me-up for moments when things don’t go so great, as a reminder, that things will look more bright again in a few hours, days, or months, that eventually “All is Well” again.

Listen to “All is Well,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Thomas Dollbaum here.

O-SHiN — Visitor

Singer and Producer Stephanie Martens aka O-SHiN is based in Berlin, Germany, but has lived in other places around the world. That may explain that her new song “Visitor” has less of a Berlin vibe but intrigues with a more cosmopolitan style. The airy track does not reveal at first listen that a nightmarish event on a flight inspires it. Stephanie recalls:

“For the first time in my life, I experienced the fierce feeling of death being really close, not knowing if you’ll survive or if these are your last seconds on earth. It was an intense experience and this song helped me cope with the emotions I was feeling at the time.”

O-SHiN is working on her debut album to be released later this year. Listen to “Visitor,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

CIEL — Fine Everything

“Fine Everything,” the newest song by Brighton three-piece CIEL combines catchy pop elements with refined indie rock, and the result is absolutely stunning. The track lets Hindrik’s beautifully bright vocals shine on a bed of fuzzy, shoegaze guitars and pulsating drum beats. CIEL are Michelle Hindriks (vocals, bass), Jorge Bela Jimenez (guitar), and Tim Spencer (drums), and each band member originates from a different European country, which I find particularly compelling.

Michelle Hindriks says about “Fine Everything:”

It’s about coming of age, and not really knowing how to navigate life. The doubts and difficulties that involve making life-changing decisions, yet maybe not being ready growing up, when all your friends are. I was thinking of how so many people lost touch with their inner gut feeling and instincts, and how all the possibilities in life can feel so overwhelming sometimes. It’s almost kind of easier to stay oblivious to it instead of digging deep into your mind.

CIEL created a fun band video for “Fine Everything,” which at times borders at silliness but also highlights the dilemma of adolescence perfectly. Listen to “Fine Everything,” our Song Pick of the Day, and watch the Jay Bartlett directed video now:

Connect with CIEL here.

Wolfschmidt — Difficult Mind

Wolfschmidt is the duo of singer Elin Edgren and drummer Hampus Sjöstedt. Together they do music at the crossroads of indie rock and electronic, reminiscent of fellow Swedes Pale Honey.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Difficult Mind” below on YouTube:




I write software, share music and photos on glamglare.com and enjoy life together with @elkenyc in Brooklyn, NY.

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Oliver Bouchard

Oliver Bouchard

I write software, share music and photos on glamglare.com and enjoy life together with @elkenyc in Brooklyn, NY.

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